Happiness in the air

Female. Overthinker. I feel that staying in one corner makes me see life's dimensions.

Day 66 of 100

Food trip with my lovely Chapter A babies! 😊 Yes, I am trying to tie up loose ends. Hehehe. Started the year right & ended the year right. You have made me love you like my little sisters! I hope and pray that you guys learned something for me. Hihi 😘 #100happydays

Day 65 of 100

What a crazy night!!!! 😳 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LLOYD!!!! Super happy to have met you again. πŸ‘ A lot has happened 😳 I can’t even. Wow. 😱 #100happydays #latepost

Day 64 of 100

FLT > Tongues > Lloyd’s birthday salubong at Central. 😳 TIRED. #100happydays #latepost

Day 64 of 100

FLT > Tongues > Lloyd’s birthday salubong at Central. 😳 TIRED. #100happydays #latepost

Day 63 of 100

Kenny’s celebration 😊 Hihihi. Love itt. Uhh, i dunno why he did that thing though. It was cute. #100happydays #latepost

Day 62 of 100

Central night with these crazy people. Congrats Kenny!!!! And yes, we got drunk. Partying in the car!!! πŸ™Œ #100happydays #latepost

Day 61 of 100

Friday night hits! Mercato with Friday people. 😊 #100happydays

Day 60 of 100

PHONE INVADERS. 😑 from practice we went to Mcdo. Finally saw Seth in action. 😊 Miss him! #100happydays

Day 59 of 100

It is summer. But there’s thesis. πŸ˜‚ Spent the day with them. 😊 Hehehehe. Cooked for today’s meal at Ma’am Francine’s 😊 Hehehehe. #100happydays

Day 58 of 100

Another day. I super love this bunch. And yes, a lot of new ones too. Hihihi. You guys are the best. Keep being awesome. I love you all. Music Min 2014 #100happydays

Day 57 of 100

From practice to seeing a rainbow to cluster core fellowship. Such a fun-filled day. So blessed to serve with these people. I am going to miss Tita Joyce and Tito Hermie though.

Oh em. That picture made me laugh. Hihihihi ☺️ #100happydays #latepost

Day 56 of 100

FUN-FILLED DAY! β€οΈπŸ‘ Finally had the chance to spend time with Ate Marie & Neri! Super missed them and their kwentos but most of all them of course. πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈ Super happy and grateful for this. #100happydays #latepost

Day 55 of 100

Last day of ICon and last day at Palawan. Another late post though. πŸ˜•. Anyway, it was AMAZING. ❀️ Praise God for this experience. I also got a picture with my crushie tito. 😍 Still can’t believe that he is old na. So pogi pa rin. Hehehehe. #100happydays #latepost

Day 54 of 100

SUPER LATE POST BECAUSE OF NO CONNECTION. Anyway, this was day 2 of ICon. Ahhh. I super missed feeling this year. God is really great to make me to here with them and I am just so grateful. #100happydays #latepost

Day 52 of 100 

I did not post yesterday. Ugh. This is so hassle. Anyway, visited the Underground River and celebrated Alec’s and Amai’s birthday. God is just so amazing creating nature. #100happydays #ihatethatitdidnotpostlastnight

Day 53 of 100

Day 1 of YFC ICon 2014! Hihihi. Today I learned that perfect love drives out fear. And that perfect love is the love of God. So happy and blessed to be with my other family! πŸ™ #100happydays